Spring Dowel Pins

Spring dowel pins are slotted pin made from high carbon spring steel material. They can also be manufactured from stainless steel material. Spring Dowel pin is accurately made to diameter greater than the drilled hole into which it is pressed. When inserted the elasticity of the material then exerting a continuous radial force over the full length of the pin. The purpose of the slot in the pins is to allow compression when inserted in the hole

A Spring Dowel pin is the most economical, quick, simple and easy fastening system, which is particularly suitable for bulk production.

  • It has shock & vibrating absorption capacity & can be removed and reutilize for maintenance.
  • It causes no interlocking and exerts less redial pressure reducing component damage and trouble free working.
  • It replaces rivets, bolts & washers, clevis pin and retaining ring as well as setscrew and other threaded components.
  • No special skill are required as pins are easy to insert either by hand or by automated assembly and it can be carried out quite safely with unskilled labours.
  • Non standard pin can also be manufactured to suit customer specific requirement.
  • It is used in countless application, in huge quantities and in widely ranging industries from automobile production to electronics.

  • DIN: 1481 A Spring Dowel Pin is also known as tension pin or roll pin) is a mechanical fastener that secures the position of two or more parts of a machine relative to each
    IS : 5988 Material used spring steel.
    EN: 28752 Hardened & Tempared.
    ISO: 8752 Thermally blacked or zinc or phosphate coating.
      Generally supplied in heavy pattern.
      Light pattern series can also be manufactured.