Knurled Pins

Knurled Pins are similar to grooved pins that have serrations around the diameter. However, knurled pins feature many more serrations. They are press fit fasteners that, when compressed into a hole, extrude radial forces to hold the fastener in place.

The best fastener for die casting and plastic application; superior fastening in the assembly of components which have thin cross sections and for formed sheet metal hinges.

Available with straight, helical or diamond knurling Knurled pins are similar to grooved pins because they have serration around the nominal diameter of the pin. The knurled pin differs from the grooved pin while there are many serrations on a knurled pin. Also, knurled pins are typically roll formed whereas grooved pins are swaged. A knurled section may have either a straight knurl, a helical knurl, or a diamond knurl configuration.