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Dowel Pins

Dowel Pin
Hardened and precisely shaped NAZARETH Dowel pins are used to retain machine components in accurate alignment...


Internal Threaded Dowel Pins

Internal Threaded Dowel Pin
Cylindrical (Dowel) or Parallel pins are used either to retain parts in a fixed position or to preserve alignment. A few of them are illustrated above.

Taper Pins

Taper Pin
Taper pins are preferred for parts which have to be taken apart frequently and where driving out Cylindrical pins would tend to wear the holes.

Internal Threaded Taper Pins

Internal / External Threaded Taper Pins are used for extraction of the pins more conveniently especially from blind holes. External & Internal Threaded Taper...


Continuous-thread studs are threaded from end to end and are often used for flange bolting with two nuts applied. Tap-end studs have a short thread...

Ejector Pin & Industrial Punches

Ejector Pin & Industrial Punche
For 5mm Dia & above sizes:
Hot Die Steel (5% Cr.) H11
Finish: Hardened, Tempered, Precision Ground, Nitrided and Lapped.


Have tailored their broad range of fastenings to meet the most diverse requirements, both in relation to construction materials..

Spring Dowel Pins

Spring dowel pins are slotted pin made from high carbon spring steel material. They can also be manufactured from stainless steel material.

Grooved Pins

Grooved pins are non-threaded press fit fasteners — a fastener that is pressed into an appropriate sized hole, providing the proper interference fit to lock the fastener..

Knurled Pins

Knurled Pins are similar to grooved pins that have serrations around the diameter. However, knurled pins feature many more serrations.

Industrial Keys

Our range of Industrial keys are used in automobile industry for various applications in all types of automobiles and sub assemblies like engines..


A rivet is a permanent mechanical fastener. Before being installed, a rivet consists of a smooth cylindrical shaft with a head on one end. The end opposite the head is called..

Measuring Pins

The Carbide Measuring Pins and Steel Measuring Pins are included in the array to meet the varied needs of the clients. The Precision Measuring Pins offered by us..

Clevis Pins

A clevis fastener is a three-piece fastener system consisting of a clevis, clevis pin, and tang. The clevis is a U-shaped piece that has holes at the end..

Cotter Pins

A cotter pin, as a split pin or cotter key is a metal fastener with two tines that are bent during installation, similar to a staple or rivet.